March 13 Board Meeting Notes

Hello members,
We held a board meeting on March 13th here are somethings we reviewed in the rule book and made changes to.

  • Minimum Age ~ 600 minimum age will be staying at 14 years old.
  • Missed Races ~ No changes If anyone misses a race, they will be starting in the rear in front of rookies. As on page 13
  • Drop Races ~ We will not be dropping any races we will be scoring 12 races and one race will be used for a rain date.
  • For the 2021 Season ~ We will be trying chip / pill draw every week, if we find that this is not working due to car count, we will then revert to the rulebook and use points.
  • Web Site ~ We all agreed to move forward with creating a new Website and Facebook page. We are hoping to launch by mid-April we will keep everyone posted as things progress.
  • Car Numbers ~ Car numbers will only be one (1) or two digits (2), you can have a letter, but you will only be scored by your number.
  • Wing Size ~ Change miss print on Twelve (12) square wing rule to read 24” X 54” sideboards.
  • Use of Halo’s will not be required.
  • The board will be talking to the tracks regarding using a cone to start the races.
  • 600 Lite Class ~ Will be removed from the rulebook as we are no longer running that division.
  • Sign Ups ~ Will close prior to CLUB drivers pit meeting, if you are late you will be placed in the back of the pack.
  • Eric Relation & Will Ostertag will be getting quotes for two new club signs for each track.
  • Accidents ~ We will be replacing the line 2 with the following “The Board reserves the right to inspect cars after incident on track”.
  • Competition Rules Pg. 12 ~ Removing “Remember that the flagman can start the race at anytime including while you may be on the back stretch so stay aware.
  • Helmets Pg. 15 ~ The Snell approval rating is changing from 2010 to 2015.
  • Head & Neck Restraints ~ 17 years old and under will be required to wear an approved head and neck restraint system like Hans, NecksGen etc…
  • Legal Proof of age ~ All drivers 16 years old and under must provide legal proof of age.
  • North Tech Day ~ At Eddie Puffinburger’s place on April 24th & 25th please contact Eddie at 603-934-8238 or Mark at 603-348-8829 to schedule a time.
  • South Tech Day ~ At Ed Vickery’s place on April 17th & 18th please contact Ed 603-491-4947 to schedule a time.
  • Club will be printing new rulebooks this year for everyone and will include them in your membership packets.
  • Next General Meeting will be April 10th 11am in Laconia at the car museum.

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