Reminder for upcoming tech dates

Just a reminder for upcoming tech dates, it is important to use these dates to get your cars teched before the 1st race there may not be enough time at the track to get it done.

  • North Tech Day ~ At Eddie Puffinburger’s place on April 24th & 25th please contact Eddie at 603-934-8238 or Mark at 603-348-8829 to schedule a time.
  • South Tech Day ~ At Ed Vickery’s place on April 17th & 18th please contact Ed 603-491-4947 to schedule a time.

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About GSMS

Granite State Mini Sprints (aka GSMS) is a non-profit, family-oriented organization dedicated to the enjoyment of mini-sprint racing whose members compete in cars utilizing motorcycle engines and drive components. Their specifications are restrictive to emphasize driver ability rather than design or preparation of the car.