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2022 Rule Amendments

  1. Non-numeric characters such as symbols or letters are not permitted. If you so choose to add such to your car you will be registered by your number only. 
  2. Mandatory tethers if the pedals is fully compressed and goes past the first upright bar.
  3. Head and Neck restraints will be MANDATORY for the 2023 race season and thereafter.

Add to tech sheet

  • Mandatory rock screen
  • Mandatory front axle tethers

Remove from tech sheet

  • Car Length and width
Information how to register for the shootout https://www.nhms.com/events/musket-dirt-shootout/

Drivers Only:

When you register for the Musket Dirt Shootout please follow these instructions:

  1. The Musket Dirt Shootout
  2. Competitor Info tab on left side of screen
  3. Click on Entry Package
  4. Forms that need to be filled out
    • Fill Driver Profile
    • Medical Information
    • Drivers Biography
    • Adult Waiver (Everyone over 18 years old)
    • Minor Waiver Part 1 & 2 (If necessary for everyone 17 years old and younger)
  5. Car/Driver and Pit Pass Checkout Form
    • Fill in the number of cars you will be registering
    • Put zero ($0) for the dollar value (Drivers Only)
    • When filling out for Pit Passes please list all crew members, family and friends they will be $35 per person. (Note: Pit passes purchased after June 7th, 2022 will be $40)

If you have not sent in your club membership yet please do so. (you must be a paid in full member to compete in The Musket Dirt Shootout.)

If you would like to race with our club in the Musket Dirt Shootout you will need to pay a one night membership fee of $35, should you decide to continue racing with the club you will owe the balance of $15.(full membership to the GSMS club is $50)

This is a good time to update your driver profiles to be posted on our website before the start of the season.

Troy B

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